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our most comprehensive Independent Study Course::
the Nurturing Global Citizens  course (version 5.0 based) 

Like our basic Global Education course, this is built around the Choices We Make booklet and playing cards in which 104 worldview themes are paired to make 52 choices. But unlike that more basic course,
where you evaluate the choices on your own, this Nurturing Global Citizens course
helps you evaluate them from a global citizen perspective.  
Two books provide this help:
Coming of Age in the Global Village, and Choices We Make in the Global Village.

Overview of the Nurturing Global Citizens course:

A. It begins with a shortened version of the basic Global Education course.

B. You'll then read all 19 chapters of the classic
Coming of Age in the Global Village book,
and a complete self -tests
to gauge your understanding of each one.
Note this book was published in 1990.
At the end of each chapter, you'll read an update--
in the 36 page Updates booklet--
that connects it with the world of the 2020s & Project Worldview.   

C. This is followed your reading all 8 chapters and Appendix B in the
Choices We Make in the Global Village book,
and again completing self -tests--typically two for each chapter--  
to gauge your understanding of what you've read

D. It ends with your using our computer programs
to do a comprehensive analysis of your worldview.
After that, and review / more self-tests,
you take the final exam. 


Access to the files containing the three unit exams,
the final exam, answer sheets, and answer keys
will be provided to a designated facilitator with receipt of your order. 

Assuming you demonstrate at least some mastery of the material,
you receive a certificate verifying this. 

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