Hedonism in Religious Conceptions of Heaven  

 Judeo—Christian:  The lengthy article “Is God a Hedonist?” by C.W. Booth concludes, that in creating the universe, “God acted out of perfect love toward others, not from a heart of hedonism”

 Isalm: Some Muslims believe that those who die a martyr's death will spend a hedonistic eternity in heaven in the company of 72 virgins. (Some of the September 11 2011 attackers were reportedly among this group).

 Mormonism: According to Mormon scripture, “Those who are faithful to the end will be exalted with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ”  Such exalted beings receive a fullness of joy, love, knowledge, and power, and live “the kind of life that God lives”. At one time LDS teachings about the afterlife for exalted beings included the concept of celestial marriage—linked to terrestrial polygamy practices.